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CRM Compatible Mac & Windows, and cloud

Filemaker WordPress WooCommerce Integration

What does OsQin Crm?

It’s a Filemaker Crm, fully compatible with WordPress Api and WooCommerce Api.

This Filemaker Crm is fantastic and powerful BACK END for your WooCommerce solution

Filemaker Developer Expert

Filemaker WordPress WooCommerce Integration

OsQin Crm is a new generation and high tech Filemaker Crm with many integration like Google Calendar and iCal Integration.

  • OSqin Crm is very powerful and manage:
  • Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, Delivery (Also called Packing List), Invoices
  • Create your Project Management in to Project Module by transfer the Client Order to Project in one single click
  • On Project, manage Tasks, Timesheet, Expenses
  • On Project, Get a Project Manger and as many staff as you need
  • On Project, View all like on the Planning (Grant integrated)
  • On Project, Track what is billing and what is not – Control your profitability live with values and chart
  • manage all your inventory with 2 levels of barcode (1 from manufacturer, one from your own / create if you like by OSqin Crm directly)
  • The inventory can be serialized and understand the Stock Lifo / Fifo Method
  • CMMS – Manage the manufacturer warranty base on period and timing, and what part or service are including
  • CMMS – Maintenance contract including with OSqin Crm
  • CMMS – Invoice Maintenance contract by period of your choice
  • CMMS – Maintenance Call Management
  • CMMS – Maintenance Track the \’late Call\’ base on the contract Terms
  • CMMS – Dispatch maintenance call to the appropriate Technician
  • CMMS – Technician will add maintenance report after the intervention
  • CMMS – Invoice maintenance report if needed (Auto detection base on the Contract term) but can be force for some reasons
  • CMMS – Invoice maintenance report if needed (Auto detection base on the Contract term) but can be force for some reasons
  • OSqin Crm is fully multiple currencies (161) auto updated
  • OSqin Crm integrate a Payment module template. In fact you can describe per client, or country, ior anything else a special payment condition base on one currency and payment method as you like
  • Purchase Orders, Client deliveries can be total or can be done in multiple times depend of your stock movement
  • Inventory manage the physical stock and the Virtual stock
  • OSqin Crm send email with template design by you as many as you like – Emails can works In and Out
  • OSqin Crm got is own calendar system but is also link with Google Calendar and iCal Calendar
  • OSqin Crm integrate a reminder system
  • OSqin Crm is updated every day … So this list is only for your information

In fact this CRM works as well as on MAC or Windows computer. OSqin Crm can be run on a single computer or on network or even host the CRM on the cloud.
If you run OsQin Crm on network or on the cloud you could also work remotely with an iPad. The iPhone version is under development.

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